Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Welcome to Fiber Monster

I have no idea what other people write about on their very first post on the blog. I have been "lurking" on a few blogs but have never been participate on anything. Since I enjoy reading other people's blogs, I thought it will be fun to have my own blog where I can share my favorite hobbies: knitting and spinning. But, first let me spend sometime setting up this site.

Before I go, I have something to show you.

I am learning to card fiber using a drum carder. To me, it is a little faster to card from the drum carder than from a hand carder, but not by much. So far so good. I actually think I can handle it. The fiber is Shetland wool from a fleece I bought earlier in spring. White is its original color. Those in the right bin are what I dyed with food coloring. You know, the little box of 4 colors from the grocery store. Dyeing is fun too. I didn't have any particular measuring for mixing the colors. I just tried some of the recipes on the back of the box and winged some. I will tell you more about my dye experiment on the next post .

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