Friday, July 6, 2007

Where is my knitting mojo?

I have been spinning almost every day during the last two weeks. And it made me happy. One night I spun 2 oz on one bobbin and let it sat for a day. Next night I spun another 2 oz on the second bobbin. On the 3rd night, I plied them together and this time I let it sat on a niddy noddy. Next morning I set the twist and hung it to dry. By the end of the day I got this glob of handspun yarn to show you.

I am happy with how it turned out. Really soft and colorful. It’s about 155 yards. I spun another half of this roving last night. It’s still a little damp. With these two skeins, I should have about 8 oz/300+ yards. I am trying to decide what to knit it to. Here is the thing. Where is my knitting mojo?

I haven’t knit a stitch since my last knitting guild. Even before the guild, I probably knitted one or two rows on the cotton cardigan that I have been working on since last summer. I took the knitting with me to Black Sheep Gathering in Eugene, OR. Oh yeah, I have to write about BSG on the next post. Did I do anything with it? None. Nada. It stayed in the hotel room the entire time. The wool/raw fleece took over my mind and I forgot all about my knitting bag. After I came back from BSG, I spent most of my time admiring the huge giant pile of fleece I bought.

During the past few days, I managed to wash and dye some Romney. It has nice sheen, very soft, and very white clean. I also carded some batts. You see, I did everything except knitting. This is very weird because I’ve been know to stay up really really late to knit. On one occasion, I fell asleep and woke up to find a few holes in the knitted fabric.

Spinning bug is out of control. It took over knitting (for now, I hope).

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