Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer is here

Ahhh...what a beautiful weekend we have here in the Pacific Northwest. I am enjoying every minutes of it. As soon as I finish this post, we are going for a bike ride. Feeling the wind and the sunshine on my face will be so rewarding!

I mentioned a bit on my tweets that I need to limited amount of time I spend on computer. My wrist hurt real bad a couple weeks ago. So I went on vacation and the ten days absence from the keyboard seems to improve the condition. Now I am back and I am being very careful about my computer use.

The other things I did was went through my fiber stash. Geez, I didn't realize I have quite a few fiber fluff in the hiding hole. So I am de-stashing them because it's a good excuse for acquiring new things.

They are commercially dyed colonial wool top (Ashland Bay).  If you spin Ashland Bay fiber before, you know that it's high quality stuff.  Any questions about the stashes, please do not hesitate to contact me at fibermonster007 at gmail dot com (please replace symbols necessary for email). Otherwise, I accept paypal payment only.

Colonial - Tartan 8 oz $14.00

Colonial - Navy 8 oz $14.00

Colonial Turquoise 8 oz $14.00

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