Thursday, July 19, 2007

All niddied-noddied up

Here's update on Zeus. All niddied-noddied up. I got approximately 260 yards on 2-ply. I let it sat on the niddy noddy last night. It's now being set the twist in the kitchen sink. It's soft, light and fluffy. I can't wait to see how it feels after it drys. I still have some left on bobbins for plying. But I won't get out of work until 9 PM tonight. And we are leaving for Anchorage, Alaska tomorrow morning for a week, yeah. So we will pack tonight, water the plants, set timers on some lamps and radios, etc. We are doing it the old fashion way. Looks like it will be no spinning for me today.

Lucky wanted to come out for a photo shoot too.

No spinning next week means more knitting. What's project to bring with me? Gee, that's tough. Definitely I have to bring my current socks project. It will be small, easy to knit on the plane without interfering with neighbors. Last time we flew to Thailand, I got a lot done on a long 9 hours flight crossing the Pacific ocean. Plus mini sessions during a flight delay and layover stops. I might bring AJ jacket too, depending on space available.

Do you think I will find some cool fiber there? Must leave some rooms for shopping.

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