Monday, July 23, 2007

Take my breath away

We are alive and well in Anchorage, Alaska. We took a lot of photos and will upload them in flickr soon. But now I want to show you some hightlights, which is very difficult to pick because they are all stunningly beautiful.

We spent the first day out on 26 glacier cruise and had a beautiful dinner reception on Sapphire Princess cruise ship. The cruise began with a scenic ride along Turnagain Arm (what a name). We saw Dall sheep along the mountainside. I got only one crappy photo because we went by it so quickly. We passed through Girdwood and saw the skeletal remains of trees. These trees were once part of a thriving coastal grove. However, during the 1964 earthquake the ground sank and the roots of these trees were submerged in salt water. The local told us that what we saw now are the ghosts of the 1964 Good Friday Quake.

Along the way, we stopped at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, a non-profit wildlife refuge located on a scenic 200 acre preserve dedicated to wildlife conservation and education.

They have 8 Alaskan bears. But we were able to meet 4 of them. The rest are too shy :) We met Hugo, Sadie & Haines, and Uli, who always stays up high on the tree until 6 pm.

Here are Sadie & Haines playing in water. They are very playful and funny.

We passed through the Whittier Tunnel, hopped on board the M/V Klondike Express and start the 135 mile cruise through waters of Prince William Sound.

This is Surprise glacier. When we get closer, we can see that it is blue. We also witnessed many "carving". This is the term they called the glacier melting and falling into water. It is stunning to see it before your eyes and very sad at the same time.

Look at the water line toward the right. You can see the water splash.

Of course, I took my Trekking Sock with me on the cruise.

I am going to Mat-Su Valley tomorrow. It's an all day trip starting at 7:30 am. Stay tune!

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