Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fractal Stripe Experiment

Based on an article "the Fractal Stripe" by Janel Laidman, Spin Off Summer 2007, I am learning the method of controlling the striping of painted roving. I used my own handpainted roving for this experiment. I started the project on Monday night. Here is where I am at on Thursday morning.

Balls of roving split into finger-width strips

Top bobbin is single spun from one-half of the fiber as is. Bottom bobbin is single spun from finger-width strip roving.

I am curious how it will look once I ply them but I will let them sit for a day before plying. As I spun them, my mouth was watery because of the color. "Sweet and Sour" came to mine and I will name the finished yarn just that :)

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