Thursday, September 27, 2007

Goodies from OFFF

Last weekend I went to the Oregon Flock and Fiber in Canby, OR. This was the place where I got a spinning bug when I visited the festival for the first time last year. It was so much fun to see all thing fibery. Two members from my spinning group got new spinning wheel. Jealous.....jealous :)

I, on the other hand, was a good girl. I only brought home two fleeces this time: 3.5 pounds of black Merino X and 2.2 pounds of Gotland. Have you ever heard of Gotland? I certainly never heard of it before. Afterward I was told that the sheep is from Australia. And the cloaks that characters in the Lord of the Rings wore were made out of Gotland wool.

Merino and Gotland

Black Merino close up

Black Gotland close up

Even though I got a really bad head cold, it didn't stop me from spending the whole evening scouring Black Merino fleece. I already ran some of them through the drumcarder and got several soft yummy batts ready for spinning. There's hardly any vegetable in them so teasing fiber was a breeze. I can't wait for the weekend because I plan to scour the Gotland.

My husband took photos from OFFF but I couldn't find it anywhere on my computer. He is out of town this week so I have to wait until he comes back to show you more photos.

Changing the subject from fiber to plant, this Pink Lipstick is very busy blooming again.

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