Friday, March 21, 2008

Handspun yarn stash

Handspun yarns stash, originally uploaded by Fiber Monster.

Yes, I have been spinning. These are all 2-ply handspun yarn. Some are DK. Some are worsted weight.

Top left to right: superwash merino/alpaca in green, merino in pumpkin, merino in rosewood, merino in bitter chocolate, handdyed merino in white/pink/pale red, and handdyed merino in orange/green/blue/brown.

Small skeins in the front are samples from various carded batts and handdyed projects. I keep these mini skeins in the plastic box and get them out just to look at them every once in a while :)

Since I didn't have any projects in mind when I spun these, now I have to figure out what to do with them. I have about 4 oz of SW merino/alpaca, 4 oz of merino pink/pale red, and 4 oz of merino in orange/green/blue/brown. Obviousy the colors don't go together if I want to combine them into one project. So I am thinking of spinning some solid color to match some of them. But superwash merino/alpaca might be enough for knitting a small shawl.

Any suggestions?

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