Monday, May 19, 2008

Mount St. Helens

This weekend we visited the magnificent Mount St. Helens. It was 28 years ago yesterday, Sunday May 18, that a volcanic peak in southwest Washington erupted.

The Mount St. Helens disaster on May 18, 1980, killed 57 people, thousands of animals, and millions of fish. The eruption also devastated some 210 square miles of wilderness, including an estimated ten million trees. Before eruption, Mt St. Helens stood 9,680 feet. Now it is about 1,700 feet shorter.

An unexpected phenomenon is taking place inside the volcano. A glacier is growing.

With global warming concerns and scientists showing alarming images of glaciers melting, experts said this may be the only growing glacier in America or maybe the world.

And one of my handspun merino is up at etsy Fiber Monster.

Before plying

Lagoon Handspun Merino Yarn. Almost 300 yards.

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