Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh boy. I am a stranger to my own blog. Sorry blog. There's not much I can do to make it better. I am not a good story teller. Anyway, the weekend is coming and I am really looking forward to it.

I finished a couple of knitting projects and spun some more yarns. It's on Ravelry now. My stash is so unorganized that it is driving me crazy when thinking about new project. I am curious how others manage yarn inventory. I guess I am where I am now because I usually buy or spun yarn with no specific project in mind. Then what I have is 4 oz of this and another 4 oz of that. But they are not enough for a big project like sweater or cardigan. I have been trying to put various skeins together. But I found out that the yarn doesn't have the same weight.

Does anyone has any suggestions?

I will end this post with this photo.

This is my dog. Lucky is sleeping next to a box of my handspun yarns. Can't you see that his eyes don't completely close? He does that all the time. Sometime he snores too :)


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