Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

And it is the best day to share this with you. We built our 5' x 5' raised bed vegetable garden. Here's how we did it.

4 - 2X6X10 Cedar cut in half. You get 8 pieces.
8 - Simpson RTC24 connectors.
80 - outdoor star screws 8/1-1/4.
2- 2x2 cedar baluster cut in half. You get 4 pieces and sharpen one end.
Tools: heavy hammer, level, square, drill/driver, tape measure.

Layout - upside down. Stage one construction; best done on level area.

Corner detail showing use of RTC24 connector, 2x6 & 2x2 stake.

Detail showing screwing parts together.

Layer 1 Completed. Final assembly of first row of side boards.

Layer 2 Mock-up. Mock-up of final assembly with both rows.

Leveling on site. We've moved the frame to the garden location. It's a slight slope, so we've dug out a trench for it to set in. Note that we have not completed adding the second row of side boards.

Detail showing use of level to get the frame foundation level.

Foundation is level. Time to add second layer of side boards.

Drill, baby, drill (in a good way - soon it will be a garden).

Right Side Up. Second row fully installed and now turned right side up, ready for hammering anchor stakes into the ground.

Hammered Into Place. Successfully hammered stakes bring the whole assembly into place, ready to have dirt spread around.

Next thing is to get some plants. Yeah!

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  1. You did a beautiful job. I appreciated knowing what supplies and tools you used. Well done! What do you plant to plant. I'd love to see more photos through the summer.