Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fiber Talk

Today I was organizing my fiber bins and found that I actually have some handdyed wool tops that didn't get tagged or photographed at all. It's good thing that I keep my fiber safe and clean. But it's bad thing that I didn't notice what was in the boxes. So I spent this afternoon taking the photos, tagged, and listed them on my etsy store.

Merino Top - 588202

 Banana Boats - Merino Top

Moccasin BFL Top - 6471

When I found them I thought I could just add them to my stash.  But then I looked at my stash shelves (notice an "s" there) thought long... and hard and decided that these fibers should go to good home.  Plus there are wonderful spinners and lots of fiber artists out there who could turn these handdyed wool into something spectacular.  It will be wonderful to see the finished projects.  So send me some pics.  Better yet join Fiber Monster's Group at Flickr.

You will get a one-time offer FREE shipping on your next purchase at my etsy shop  Let me know before you place an order.  I can get it taking of for you or email me for revised invoice before payment.

And as I continue to organize my studio, I probably will have another surprise to show you.

I also spent time on spinning.  Both are spun in single and bulky weight.  I planned to knit a cowl with Proton multicolored merino.  The other handspun yarn in rainbow is self-stripping designed for a hat.  I spun it from the last Rainbow corriedale top I dyed.  This one didn't make it to the shop.  Love it too much to let go.

Proton Merino Batts

Proton merino handspun yarn close up

Proton is ready!

Rainbow corriedale on Majacraft Rose

Rainbow handspun yarn close up

Rainbow is ready!

That's all for now folks. 

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