Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Half way through 2010

Today is June 30. We have reach the half-way point of 2010. I have short term memory. But I am pretty sure that the first half of my 2010 was mostly good, excellent actually. But today is very strange.
1. I am a tennis fan and a big Fed phan. He lost his match this morning.
2. I drove all the way to the mall and forgot a list of what I needed to get. This is the list of things I am buying for gifts. It has sizes, brands, color preferences, etc. I had to have it so I drove back home to get it.
3. I got to the mall again (2nd time) and absolutely didn't buy things I supposed to get on the list. Instead, I got two summer cardigans for me. Both of them are in black.
4. I had to return a tent to a friend today so we arranged to meet for coffee as well. I met her after the shopping and found out that I forgot to put her tent in my car.
5. I came home and went out to play with the dog. I fell off the steps on the deck. My knee hit the rock (dinner plate size) h.a.r.d. It hurts.

So here goes my June 30. I hope July 1 is going to be different :)

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