Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy July 1

After my post yesterday, I remember that I had my shares of some ups and downs. I lost some hours of working at the library. I was disappointed and was lost on what to do with my free time. Luckily I have Etsy to keep me busy and I enjoyed every minutes of it. It’s like playing while working. The job at the library was fun too and I love my colleagues. From time to time the disappointment made me considered quitting the library forever and dreaming of turning the hobby into a full-time job. However, I know that being a successful entrepreneur is a very hard work. It takes a lot of creativity, energy, and discipline. The latter is my weakest. My husband is doing well with his job so far. And I consider myself to be very fortunate in that both of us are not going down at the same time. But future is an unpredictable thing. And so I am doing the best I could.

I have been thinking about sharing my personal life on this blog for sometime now. I have fear of posting anything non-spinning, non-knitting related on my blog. Originally I set up this blog to write about my knitting and to keep it as a journal so that I can look back at the later day and remember what I did during that period of time. I also used the blog space to share photos of my projects with friends. It was pre-ravelry.

And then I entered the hand-spinning world, learning how to spin yarn, carding batts, dyeing wool tops. My fiber craft/hobby has gone haywire. Fiber Monster turned semi-small business. So I thought I shouldn't post anything about my personal life that would or could have a potential to compromise my little business. But it's getting harder and harder. I feel like I am leaving out part of my life. Hence there were times that I didn't post anything at all simply because I was too busy working and there wasn't any knitting or spinning related going on. I am not a good writer and am not very articulate about my thoughts. English isn't even my first language. And I don't even know if anybody read my blog!

Well, it doesn't matter. I'm a real person with real life. I am a very passionate knitter/spinner and have real flaws. I want to keep this blog alive and to post more often even though I am not sure if I will have enough guts to do it.

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