Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Password Amnesia

Really. I just had a moment of memory loss because I couldn't remember the login password for my blog.'s been a long while since I've been here. But hey, I'm here now. Much has happened during the last couple of weeks and they're all good things, in case you're wondering. I spent lots of time setting up, which is closed at the moment. I am moving my store to a different host. So stay tune!

Last week I just got a bump of Blue-Faced Leicester. It's nice and so soft that I just want to roll around in it. I am trying to create a dye notebook for color consistency so that I can reproduce the colors I like. So far so good. It's quite an effort for record keeping habit since I am so bad at it. I usually go with intuition or whatever the colors I felt like using at that moment. But I am going to try something different. If it doesn't work out, I am happy with being creative and get a surprise from what I dye each time. I love playing with colors and what's the point of doing it if it's not fun, right? I dyed a few pounds and will post them at etsy soon this week. It takes a little longer to dry in the winter.

I spun quite a bit too. I took pictures of them but only one turned out.

Handspun from two different green carded fiber batts at Fiber Monster etsy store (~ 6 oz)

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