Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spinning Self-Striping Yarn

Another blog update, two days in a row? Yes, it's possible :)

In the process of going through old photos, I found another experimental project I did with spinning for self-striping yarn.  I should have kept a written record of what I did so I have better information to share.  But it's hard, you know?  I was so excited to get my hands on this project and I just went for it.  Note to self: write. it. down.  Anyway, here's what I remembered.

I selected three different carded batts by Fiber Monster (that's me!) and rolled them widthwise.  I had two sets of them in the same order.  One set was for bobbin #1.  Another set was for bobbin #2.  My plan was to spin each set starting from the same end so that I got the same color sequence on both bobbins.

Top to bottom: Grasshopper, Jewel, and Happy Valley

Pre-drafted into balls.  Ready for spinning bobbin #1

When you pre-draft and spin the fiber, make sure you start with the same color sequence for both sets of fiber.  In this case, I started with blue, yellow, and green.  I did the regular 2-ply and the colors were mostly matched.  Occasionally there was a barber pole section but it was fine with me.  I like a little bit of color transitioning.  If the barber pole was too long and you don't like the contrast, just break the single and find the match to rejoin.

Smooth two-ply, DK weight

Don't know how many yards.  Approximately 6 oz total

Love the color transitions!

Knitted from the top down in one piece.  No seaming :)

It took me a long time to find the pattern I liked to knit with this self-striping handspun yarn.  I basically looked for the pattern that is knit-in-one-piece, in the round with circular needle.  Then I came across Tivoli T-Shirt by grumperina, which I kept in my pattern binder before I even know how to spin!  I just checked her website hoping to make a link but I could only find the picture of it.   The link itself is broken.  If you are interested, you can try it on ravelry or go to and contact her directly for current information.

There are lots of instruction out there for spinning self-striping yarn.  And I would love to hear your thoughts on the techniques you like.  Most of all, it's FUN!!!

Happy spinning/knitting to you all.

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  1. My first thought is "Oooooh, pretty". But then again, I love your colors and for an educated woman with a decent sized vocabulary I am regularly reduced to "Oh, Ooooh, and pretty"

    I liked the information on self striping with spinning. I was thinking of doing some striping with spinning and was going to try to plan it so that it worked out plying the ends to the middle as I usually do but now, I think I will instead use separate bobbins. Might be more successful that way. I also only have two different rovings planned. I think I might add one or two more colors to the mix (pink and green so far)...

    Thanks again for your wonderful colors. I will be posting some new Ruby pics soon.